Welcome to Dysons Wood Aviaries!


Run by Chris and James on the north side of Brisbane, Dysons Wood Aviaries specialises in the breeding of Native & Exotic Bird species.


This site is our blog for regular updates on Dysons Wood Aviaries, current projects, bird places we have visited (if we’re allowed to take photographs we will add them too!), and anything related to birds that we find interesting.


Thanks for looking at our WordPress site!


Chris & James

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5 thoughts on “Home

    1. Dysons Wood Aviaries Post author

      Hi Steven.

      Get back in touch next year if you have any available. Right now we’re pretty full…but will certainly explore this opportunity down the track.

      Feel free to E-Mail us any details you have now, like blood lines etc, as that information would be great.


      Chris & James

  1. Goran

    My name is Goran
    Looks like you have good quality Golden Pheasants.
    Just wanted to know if you have any for sale .
    I’m a pheasant breeder and have some finest bloodlines of Goldens and Lady Amhersts.
    I’m always in search of new bloodlines.
    Do you know where your stock originate from the original breeders name would be great .
    Regards, Goran

    1. Dysons Wood Aviaries Post author

      Hi Goran,

      We currently have a Golden Cock that we could sell. He’s a spare, so if you’re interested give me a call.

      They originate from a local breeder in Moreton Bay. Excellent quality, the feathering on the tail aligns with the species and doesn’t show any markers of being crossed with Amherst’s.

      You should get in touch about The Pheasant & Waterfowl Society. We’re always looking for people who have a keen interest in the longevity of the species!



      1. Goran

        Thanks for the reply James.
        Will be interested in that male , but i will have to organize transport, as i live in Melbourne.
        In will get back to you as soon as i find out about the transport.
        Could you please send me some photos of the cock on my email address or my phone. This is my number 0414910319
        Kind regards, Goran

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