The ‘Dysons Wood’ name has a lot of meaning to us.

It originates from the Dysons Wood near Reading, Berkshire in the United Kingdom. It is also the home of Dysons Wood Farm, owned by James’ family for many generations. Dysons Wood Farm is still worked today, principally as a cattle farm, but with a successful horse livery business and game season too.

The passion for animal husbandry hailed from James’ family agricultural history. The majority of the family has worked in farming, some it has been their lifetime’s work. Growing up on his parent’s large pig farm, and being surrounded by people engaged in looking after animals and the land has grounded him to want a similar lifestyle.

James’ late Grandfather kept and bred many Pheasants, including the Golden Pheasant, which has been the reason for us introducing Pheasants to Dysons Wood Aviaries. We also plan to establish breeding lines of other Ornamental game birds.

Although we don’t have our own working farm (yet) we strive to do the best for Aviculture and ensure our birds and those we sell are both physically and psychologically sound. We are a hobby driven by our history and are proud of our name and where it began.

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