This is most definitely where cost should be no object. The diet of your bird(s) is of absolute importance in maintaining their health.

There are a lot of brands, just like with everything. We aren’t going to say what is better or worse, but this is what we feed:

(You can click on the food for more information about the brands)

  • Hagen’s Tropican Pellets. This is the staple for the majority of our hookbills; in particular our Eclectus, Galahs, Indian Ringnecks, and Amazons. We use Lifetime 70% of the year, and High Performance the rest of the year (principally to supply additional nutrients for breeding and chick rearing).
  • ZuPreem Pellets. This is our preferred diet for our Green-Winged Macaw. We also offer her a variety of other pelleted foods, including Hagen’s Tropimix.
  • Vetafarm Forest Fusion Lorikeet Mix – offered both wet and dry. This is one of the best commercial brands that we’ve found on the market, and we previously made our own. A number of the commercial brands are very basic, and don’t meet the differences in Exotic Lory diets. Forest Fusion doesn’t contain any refined sugars, and is much more palatable. Our birds love it, and after six months have shown great improvements in their overall health.
  • Fresh fruits & vegetables. Fundamental in keeping birds is the addition of variety. Not only is this nutritionally beneficial, as the birds will obtain natural sources of vitamins and minerals, but also psychologically beneficial as an enriching tool.
  • Insects. We offer live insect larvae to some of our birds, primarily in the lead up to breeding season.
  • Nuts. This is very important for species that require slightly higher fats in their diet; as well as birds that you want to offer a treat to. Our preferred variety is Cashews. Almonds and Pecans are another favourites.
  • Native flora. Offering browse, seed pods, and flowers is very important. Not only does it have nutritional benefits, but also enriching and grooming benefits as well; such as keeping beaks and toes in good condition. We offer eucalyptus, bottlebrush, and grevillea primarily.
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