Chattering Lory

Scientific Name: Lorius garrulus


The Chattering Lory is endemic to the islands of Indonesia, South-East Asia. A nectarivore like our own Native Lorikeets, the Chattering Lory is a beautiful species to own. Like many of the stunning Exotic Lories, breeding lines are uncommon in Australia.  The Hens are particularly hard to come by and significantly more expensive.

These are one of James’ favourite of the Lory species available in Australia.

Other members of the Lorius genus include the Purple-Bellied Lory, the Yellow-Bibbed Lory, the White-Naped Lory, the Purple-Naped Lory, and the Black-Capped Lory; a species that we also keep here at Dysons Wood Aviaries.

When purchasing a Chattering Lory colouration and size are of vital importance. A low-quality diet can have adverse effects on the colouration of this species. We have heard of some Chattering Lories appearing more pink than the bright cardinal red they should be.

We have personally seen Chattering Lories that physically resemble Moluccan Lories. This is likely from cross-breeding to expand blood lines, with poorer quality birds being sold on as they are of little use to that breeder. When searching for a Chattering Lory purchase from a reputable breeder of Exotic Lories, and make a choice towards birds with great colouration and that are of a good size.

'Rocket' Chattering Lory Cock Bird

Chattering Lory Cock Bird



'Pocket' Chattering Lory Hen

Chattering Lory Hen

Chattering Lory Hen 01/2016 Feeding on organic chilli

Chattering Lory
Feeding on organic chilli

Chattering Lory Cock 01/2016

Chattering Lory


















I can remember when we first saw the Chattering Lory. It was at Cooloola Aviaries, run by Garry Summerton, and we knew that this species was for us! An absolute stack of character, full of energy, and the colours are phenomenal.

Garry had a spare mature Cock bird, appropriately named Rocket, who we couldn’t go without. He’s been with us for many years now, and has been a great parent to some cracking Chattering Lories. There is a video on our Dysons Wood Aviaries Facebook Page of the first time we met Rocket – an absolute superstar!


We currently have two pairs of Chattering Lories at our Aviaries.


Fertile Chattering Lory Egg Dysons Wood Aviaries

Fertile Chattering Lory Egg









Chattering Lory Hen with Juvenile Chick Dysons Wood Aviaries

One of our Hens protecting a young juvenile Chattering Lory




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