Kalij Nepal Pheasant

Scientific Name: Lophura leucomelanos leucomelanos

The Kalij Nepal is one of the rarest species of Pheasants in Australian Aviculture, and we keep the nominate subspecies at Dysons Wood Aviaries. They are endemic to a few countries, but are mostly populated around the Himalayas.

Unlike many of the ruffed Pheasant species, the colouration of Kalij Nepal Pheasants is not as striking. However, the Cock birds do have incredible plumage when mature; with white/silver streaks flowing through the feathers. Personally we love them as a ground bird in an Avicultural collection.

Our generation will likely see the extinction of the Siamese Fireback Pheasant in Australian Aviculture, so there is a concerted effort of game-bird keepers to develop strong bloodlines of pure Kalij Nepal Pheasants. One of James’ primary focuses as President of the PWSAQ is to ensure everything is done to keep the Kalij Nepal from taking the same path as the Fireback.

Suited only to pairs, the Hen is very aggressive towards other Hens; which is another difference to many other Pheasant species which can be put into trios or more.

They’re probably one of the most timid species we’ve kept as well. Youngsters take some considerable time to calm down, so ensure you feed them lots of live insects to win them over. Like all Pheasant species when startled they can do considerable damage to themselves (especially the beak) so take your time to approach their enclosures and don’t push them too far if they flighty.

We currently have one juvenile pair of Kalij Nepals, and hope to own more unrelated birds to continue developing this species in Australian Aviculture.


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