Scientific Name: Eolophus roseicapilla


At Dysons Wood Aviaries we keep the Western (E. r. assimilis) subspecies, specialising in the breeding of the Lutino mutation. In previous years we bred other subspecies, however as our focus has changed to Exotics we now only breed Lutino Western Galahs.


Galahs, like many of the Cockatoo species, can be difficult to breed if the right conditions and diet are not met. Our Galah diet consists of a very high quality pelleted diet, fresh produce, insect larvae (towards breeding season), and native flora. With the latter, eucalyptus is the preferred choice. Unopened pine cones are another favourite – basically these guys love to chew!

Western Australian Galah Lutino Cock

Western Australian Galah











All Cockatoo species are incredibly loud, however we have found Galahs to be at the lower end of the noise spectrum. Hand-reared Galah Juveniles, like a lot of Australian Natives, are noisy birds; but make gorgeous companion birds. Chris loves to raise the Cockatoos, especially Galahs and Major-Mitchell Cockatoos.

Lutino Western Australian Galah Dysons Wood Aviaries

Juvenile Lutino WA Galah

Western Australian Galah Dysons Wood Aviaries

Wild-Type Western Australian Galah Cock

Lutino Western Australian Galah Hen Dysons Wood Aviaries

Lutino WA Galah Hen





















We currently have one pair of Western Australian Galahs, with our Cock bird being visual Lutino.