Superb Parrot

Scientific Name: Polytelis swainsonii

Superb Parrots are one of the three long-tailed Australian Native parrot species available in Aviculture, and one of the most striking in terms of their colouration. The Regents and Princess Parrots are the other members of the Polytelis genus.

They are considered vulnerable in the wild, and are a beautifully quiet species to keep. Very low maintenance, but can be complex to successfully breed.

Superb Parrots Dysons Wood Aviaries

Superb Parrot Pair










Another dimorphic species of parrot, with the Cock bird having simple but gorgeous facial markings.

Our Superb Parrots are kept on a very high quality pelleted diet, with fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and native flora. We find they’re best suited to a suspended aviary enclosure.

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