Black-Headed Caique

Scientific Name: Pionites melanocephalus

The clowns of the Bird World, these are one of Chris’ absolute favourite species of parrot.

Endemic to South America, the popularity of Caiques in Australian Aviculture has really grown; with them not being overly noisy, easy to maintain under the correct conditions, and having very beautiful colouration.

Black-Headed Caique Dysons Wood Aviaries

Black-Headed Caique










They’re personality is quite akin to the Exotic Lories, especially when hand-reared. They’re without doubt one of the best birds to keep as a companion parrot.

Our Caiques are kept in suspended enclosures, and fed a very high quality pelleted diet, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and native flora.

We currently have one mature pair of Black-Headed Caiques at our Aviaries.


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