Brahma Chicken

We are very proud to keep some of the best bloodlines of Brahma in Australia.

Imported from Europe through AvGen, we secured our very own Gold (Partridge) Brahmas in 2018. These birds are more in keeping with their reputable size, which is unlike some of the smaller statured Brahmas currently found in Australia.

The Brahmas can be split into ‘Light’, ‘Buff’ and ‘Dark’. The majority of stock in Australia are the Light colours, unlike the Gold which is considered a Dark. What AvGen has released to the general public are various colours in the Dark spectrum.

There is a common misconception that they’re an Indian species, however they were actually developed in the United States as one of the earliest breeds of eating chicken. Our flock is off limits for the table, as we are more focussed on working on growing the bloodlines in Australia.

Our Brahmas are fed a high quality micropellet, and fresh produce.

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