Cayuga Duck

One of the waterfowl species that we keep at Dysons Wood Aviaries are the stunning Black Cayuga Ducks!

These medium-sized birds originated in the United States, named after a Lake in the New York State. They are multi-purpose, and suitable for both egg and as table birds. However, we pride ourselves on producing show-standard Black Cayuga Ducks for both the serious bird-keeper and for people who just adore Ducks!

Here’s a video of some of our cute Ducklings.



As an adult bird, Black Cayuga Ducks are a metallic black and green; simply stunning in the sunlight. They’re quite a timid species, unlike other domesticated Ducks such as the Muscovy. They relish playing in water, right from a young age, and are best kept in a social group.

Drakes can be aggressive towards each other, especially with laying Ducks around. Kept correctly these Ducks are great in anyone’s backyard. Young birds will also produce black/grey coloured eggs!

We feed our waterfowl a high quality micropellet, supplemented with some fresh produce.

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