Green-Winged Macaw

Scientific Name: Ara chloropterus

Gentle giants of the Macaw species, the Green-Winged are truly a beautiful creature. Not only is their size impressive, but the myriad of colouration is breathtaking.

We never thought that Macaws would be for us, but now we couldn’t be without them.


Unfortunately we lost Takeshi to a venomous snake bite. A one in a million incident, which was a huge tragedy. We decided to keep his ashes with us at home, as he was such a huge part of our flock. Macaws are an exceptionally sociable species, so it was important for us to not only provide Akira time to ‘grieve’ but also be mindful to find a new companion for her. Thankfully we have found a sibling of Takeshi to join Akira in 2018.

Enclosure size is exceptionally important with Macaws. We keep our’s in a 6mx6m Conventional. You must ensure that you provide them plenty to chew as they require constant stimulation. Native flora should be a primary part of their diet and enrichment. Our Macaws, like all our hookbills, are on a very high quality pelleted diet which is backed up with fresh fruits and fresh vegetables.

We’re looking forward to working hard at developing our Green-Winged Macaws to breeding standards in the next couple of years.

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