Hahn’s Macaw

Scientific Name: Diopsittaca nobilis

From one of the largest Macaws (Green-Winged), to the smallest! These gorgeous little green Macaws are also known as the Red-Shouldered or Mini Macaw.

Endemic to South America, they are quite common in Australian Aviculture, and we are proud to keep birds which are directly related to the original imports into the Country.

Hahn's Macaw Dysons Wood Aviaries

Hahn’s Macaw Pair










Now whilst these guys are little, they make up for it in vocalisation. If you didn’t know better, you’d think there was a troop of Chimpanzees shacking up in your Aviaries! But, they make the best guard-bird and will let you know if trouble is afoot.

One of the best things about Hahn’s Macaws is their suitability as pets. Extremely intelligent, brilliant talkers, and being smaller in stature they’re far easier to accomodate as a companion parrot.

Our Hahn’s are kept on a very high quality pelleted diet, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and native flora.

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