Royal Palm Turkey

We fell into Turkey keeping quite randomly, inheriting a Royal Palm Cock bird in 2017.

With some research, we discovered that pure Royal Palm Turkeys are in fact a rarity. This could be due to them being established as a breed that wasn’t just set for the table! They’re much smaller in stature than other breeds, and won’t develop as much muscle.

They are a younger breed, originating in America, and definitely ornamental. They’re very pretty, with their black flecking across the back of the bird. There are different variations of the amount of black, with some truly unique birds being developed.

Royal Palm Turkey Cock Dysons Wood Aviaries

Royal Palm Turkey







Some people seem to find Turkeys ‘ugly’, however they are actually quite beautiful. Cock birds can alter the colouration of their face in different situations, such as fear or excitement. Another unique quality of Turkey Cocks is the ‘beard’. That was certainly an oddity for us, never owning them before, and seeing this ten inch ‘ponytail’ coming out of the front of your Turkey!!

Royal Palm Turkey Dysons Wood Aviaries

Royal Palm Turkey Cock










Whilst they may not be for everyone, Turkeys make a unique addition to the poultry flock. It is advisable to keep them seperate from other species, like chickens. Not only due to their size (Cock birds can be quite aggressive), but also for disease control.

We feed our Royal Palm Turkeys a high quality micropellet, along with fresh produce.

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